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Be Selfish! 

Good Morning loves. Hope my post finds you doing amazingly well. If not I hope my post cheers you up.   

I will be twenty seven this up coming October. Twenty freaking seven. One thing that stuck out to me was that I still had a lot of time to BE SELFISH!!!!!! 

Lately I just felt like I don’t give myself enough time for me. If I’m not working I’m being pulled in this direction to that direction. I came to realize that it’s okay to say no I just want this time for me. To grow. To explore.  It’s okay to do just that. You know why? Because it’s your life to do with it as you please. 

It’s okay to be selfish with your time because it’s all about bettering you and doing things you have never done. 

Do something amazing with your time. Do something  you have never done but always wanted to. Explore new places. Meet new people. Dabble in this and that or don’t. It’s all up to you. 

I recently saw this clip on fb and it was from divorce court. It stood out to me because a lot of us put up with way to much shit from our signicant others. I felt it tied in to what I was saying. Watch the clip and “Fire any dude who don’t act right”

As always Be Amazing, Be Beautiful and Be Vibrant💜 

Ebony Monae


Be selfish💗

be inspired

Don’t Carry The Baggage! 

That rule above is life guys. I’m not joking. I am one of those people that let little things bother me. I will let things ruin my whole day or even week. You don’t believe me well here’s an example if I get hate mail(that’s what we call our notes she leaves us for things to work on or do) from my supervisor my whole day is not they same. When my sister does not talk to me for a week after I helped her out when she needed me. My whole week is messed up. I have attitude to the extreme. 

I saw this quote on Pinterest and thought about it. This most definitely needs to apply to my life. I have come to a point in my life where I have to let things go. Don’t carry  unnecessary baggage around with me. 

To my readers apply this rule to your life where you need it. Don’t carry the baggage. Let it go. Give it the five minutes to be upset and disappointed but don’t let it consume more of your precious time. Move on to something that makes your heart smile. 

As always be vibrant, be beautiful, be inspired! 


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My New Mantra

Hey loves. Hope my post finds you well this Monday evening. 

I haven’t told you something about myself. I’m a negative nancy. Basically I’m negative when it comes to myself. Always putting something down. What’s funny is I’m great at being positive and up beat for others but when it comes to myself I’m not. So this week I’m being positive and uplifting to myself.   

So this week for all you negative Nancy’s out there let’s make this our mantra. Let’s be positive. What ever your doing speak it in to the atomshere. Say it and work towards it. 

Have a great week. As always be amazing, be vibrant, be you💜


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Love One Another💗

Good morning my beauties.  Hope my post finds you well this morning. 

This post is for my beautiful woman of color. To all the black woman out there let’s support each other. Gabby Douglas has won gold again for gymnastics but what we talk about is her hair? Not her incredible achievements but her damn hair. Like who does that? Let’s stop with the nasty remarks. Let’s stop with the belittling. Let’s stop with he name calling. Let’s give credit where credit is due. Thank you Gabby and Simone for telling a little black girl that gold is possible in a sport that’s dominated by white people. Thank you for not giving up when others have put you down💜

Further more I hate turning on the tv and seeing us black woman beat each other down. I’m constantly seeing woman fighting and belittling each other. What happened to compassion and kindness. Reality TV really showcases us woman in bad light. I absolutely hate that. We are educated and strong woman but that’s not showcased at all. 

I remember a conversation I was having with my friend. She was telling me how a girl got her butt done and it looks bad and this and that. I said and I quote “if she loves it that’s all that matters. Who am I to judge? Secondly I’m tired of us black woman bringing each other down.” I stand by my words. If you got your butt, nose or face done I’m happy for you. Whether it looks good or bad, I’m happy for you.

This morning let’s be nice to one another. Let’s support and uplift each other. Being a black woman is hard enough as it is. Let’s not add to that burden. 



Other woman are not my competition. I stand with them not against them. 

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UnF*** Yourself

Hey guys hope you got over your crazy Monday’s. It’s now Tuesday and we are one step closer to Friday.  I saw this picture on FB. FYI totally thinking of creating a FB page for my blog. Have you guys created one for your blog? If so how’s it going for you? 

Anyways back to my post. When I first saw this picture I was like these people got to much time on there hands to come up with something like this, but then I thought more about the old me. The me before all that bullshit happened. The me where I was fearless, out-spoken, courageous, believing in rainbows, and not so jaded. 

Life has a way of diminishing your light. It has a way of you loosing sight of yourself. I know I won’t ever be the person I was but I can take characteristics from that girl and put them with the person I am today. 

To my readers. Don’t let life keep you from shining. 


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What Would You Change? 

It’s the weekend and while some of us are going out to enjoy the end of a busy work week some of us are not. Some of us like me are contemplating life. My question that is on my mind as I type this is; 

If there was one thing you change in your life what would it be?

That one thing would be for me is to stand up for myself when it comes to my family. I put up such a good front that I don’t need them but that little girl inside is waiting to be accepted. To be loved. My best friend gave me a naked truth about myself tonight. 

Seeing those words really made me look at it from her perspective. In mind I’m like I’m so done with you and screw you guys but in reality if they need something I’m always there. I truly have to learn to harden my heart and walk away because it’s not a good thing for me to be treated that way. 

What in your life can you change? If you can change it how would you?

In my 26 years on this earth I’ve come to realize that life is a tricky thing. It’s beautiful yet fucking painful. You can’t go back and change the past only make a better future for yourself. 

Contemplating Life

Ebony Monae 💜

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Do Something with Soul💜

Morning Sunshines☀️. I hope my post finds you in a great spirit this morning. 

Meraki. I love this word. Who can say they doing something with there soul and love it? Me I do. 🙋🏾 Who can say they leave a piece of themselves behind in everything that they do? 🙋🏾 Oh me again. 

My blog is my Meraki. When I saw this word I was like do I have anything like it describes. Then I thought of this baby. I have been writing my blog for almost two years now. This is all my creativity. This is my heart. This is what I am going to leave behind when I die. This is a piece of me. This is a glimpse into my jumbled crazy life. This is my dream to inspire the uninspired. To help those that need that little bit of encouragement. Every time I write a post I’m putting myself out there either to be laughed at or loved. The thing is I do it. I let my creativity flow. 

My point is this morning find your Meraki. Find something that gives your life meaning. Find something that makes your soul sing. If you have something you love doing continue to do it. Continue to let your creativity flow. 

On a Journey to Discovery💜



Life is beautiful once you find something that gives it meaning. 

      -Ebony Monae 

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Know Your Worth Ladies

Good Morning. It’s leave your no good man Tuesday(that should be a hashtag, I’m just saying). I hope my post finds you in a great spirit this morning💜

Ladies, I’m going to give it to you straight. We have to value ourselves. Love ourselves!  I have been hearing stories from woman whose men treat them like crap. It gets me pissed off. I’m like your to great of a catch to be cheated on, or going through physical/verbal abuse. 

Some woman don’t want to leave because they think that it’s normal. THAT IS NOT A NORMAL RELATIONSHIP!! 

No man has the right to belittle you. Know your self worth. Sometimes we get in relationships and we get so wrapped up in him. It could be his charm, money, and looks. Ask yourself is that worth it? Money? Looks? Charm? Is that worth him treating you the way he does? 

My point is love yourself enough to walk away. Love yourself enough to know that you don’t deserve whatever he is dishing out. Trust me I have been there. I was in your shoes. I thought if I loved him a little harder he would change. In the end he didn’t. I finally saw him for what he truly was a man that was not ready for a woman like me. 


one of the most courageous decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of what was hurting your heart and soul. 



Be brave💜 

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Be You, Always!! 

Happy August. I can’t believe summer is flying by so quickly. I hope my post finds you guys in a happy place this afternoon. 

It’s a new month to work on you. To focus on your goals. To become something better than you have ever imagined. One of my main things I like to tell people is Be Who You Are. People will always have something to say. LIVE YOUR LIFE!! Be Happy! Be Bold! Be Vibrant!

Don’t let anyone EVER stop you from being Great. You only have this one special life to live. Live it BEAUTIFULLY! If you think about someone you look up to, I can guarantee that they were ridiculed, mocked and also hated. Don’t let what others think of you put you down to there level. You are AMAZING.

Forever Vibrant