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Forgiving You💔

Good morning guys! I hope your doing well this morning. Sorry I haven’t written in a while, my heart was not in it. I have been going through things. Well I should say going through emotions. As you know I graduated a week ago but what I didn’t disclose is that my mom didn’t show up. 

For the last few days I have been in denial. I have been hurt and angry. I was in denial because I did not believe my own mother did not show up to her oldest daughters graduation. Hurt because it was one of my proudest moments and yet you failed to show up. I’m angry forget angry, I am mad as hell that you didn’t show and your only excuse was that you were tired. Tired? This day does not come around everyday. You could have slept in the car or the whole graduation until you saw me walk across that stage. 

In my heart I know I have to forgive her because if I don’t it will eat me up. The anger and the pain will slowly harden me and that’s not who I am. I always speak about living life and always make the best of if. But today I’m going to talk about forgiveness. To my readers forgive those who have wronged you. It won’t happen over night. It will take time but forgive them. Don’t think for one second it’s for them it’s not it’s for YOU

I have dealt with the anger and the pain now it’s time to embark on a journey of forgiveness. The day of my gradation I had amazing family to watch me graduate. My mother lost out. It was her loss to not witness a great accomplishment in my life. To my family I thank you for all you have done. I love you guys very much💜. 

Taking it one day at a time,

Ebony Monae


I will forgive, but I also learn a lesson. I won’t hate you, but I’ll never get close enough for you to hurt me again. I can’t let my forgiveness become foolishness

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Continue To Climb!

Good Morning, it’s a beautiful day in New York Today. So I’m enjoying the sunshine. 

Today’s post actually shows the picture of my Graduation Cap. 

The best view comes after the hardest climb. 

This quote described what I went through during my last year of obtaining my undergraduate degree. I was plaqued with health problems and faced financially diffculties.  It was hard. I was depressed. I felt like at the age of 25 that my life was over. I kept asking God why are these health problems happening to me?  It was one of the most difficult times in my life.  

In the end I overcame it all because I got to walk across that stage on Sunday. My family was cheering me on from the sidelines. They were my biggest supporters. When I doubted myself they were there to remind me that if I put my mind to it I will achieve greatness

My thoughts to you on this morning. Is continue to climb. It may be hard right now. You may feel like giving up. You may feel all alone. Don’t give up. Keep climbing. Your not alone. God is always by your side right along with your amazing support system. 

Achieving Greatness, 

Ebony Monae💜 


Nana I did this for us. I love you. 

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Ask for it, Then Go GET It! 

Good Mawning!!! 

It’s a rainy Tuesday here in NY. I absolutely hate the rain. It just makes me dreary and sleepy but, I still get up thank God and grind. 

This quote above was also sent to me for my graduation cap and like the last it was not used. I love me some Oprah. She is so inspirational. She’s empowering and uplifting to other woman. 

Life? Hmm. Let me tell you what I think about life. It’s that we only get one. If you want something have the courage to ASK for it and PURSUE it. Follow your dreams. Do what YOU👆love to do. I ask God everyday to give me strength and courage. You know why? Because it’s hard to have courage to do these things. It’s hard believing in yourself when others have repeatedly told you that you wouldn’t make it. Putting yourself out there is extremely hard but with God all things are possible. So take Oprahs advice and have the courage to ask for what you want. Then; Darling you go get it!! 


Ebony Monae  


Never give up on YOU💜

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Letting Go✌🏾️

Good Morning Loves💜 

I can’t believe I will graduate in four days. I have all these emotions running through me. I’m excited, nervous, scared and angry. Scared because I am leaving all that I know from friends to teachers. Excited for all new possibilities that await me. Nervous because I don’t know if I can measure up out there in the real world. 

Lastly I am angry because as I accomplish something major in my life I have to argue with my family over who gets to attend my graduation ceremony. I thought it would be obvious that you would only want your close friends and family watch you as walk across that stage. Not my family they feel like they should have first dibs. Let’s think about this one. When I needed my family when I was sick in the hospital year ago and didn’t know if I could finish my semester where was my so called family? When I didn’t know how I was going to pay my tuition where was my so called family? When I was stressed out about writing my thesis and wanted to give up where was my so called family? 

No Where. No one called. No one visited. No one cared. So no you don’t get first dibs on anything. Only the people who have been there do. Those people matter. Why? Because they seen me at my worst. Saw me bust my ass and struggle.  Those people get to see me accomplish something great in my life. 

To anyone that is going through something like this. Please speak up. Don’t let others cash in on your accomplishments. I whole heartily believe that people that stood by you while you were at your worst get to see you at your best. My journey of self discovery has been about that. I’m letting going of people like that in my life. 

I don’t know what the future is going to hold for me but, I know I have God and amazing family and friends by my side to see me through it. 

This Girl is a College Grad,

Ebony Monae

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🌻Here’s To The Free Spirit In All Of Us🌻

Ever wondered what a free spirit is? Well that’s the definition above. How many of us can relate to that? I know I can. For a long time I just assumed I didn’t fit in. I came to realize that I was not born to. Once I begin accepting me for me no one could tell me anything. I love myself. I’m comfortable in my own skin. 
Let out your free spirit. Don’t let society’s opinions hinder your beliefs or values. BE YOU!! Once we stop caring of others opinions we will be free to live the life we want. 

Have a great day my loves. Break the mold. Be free. BE YOU! 

Free and Proud, 

Ebony Monae 


Live a life nonconformity

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Go Be It!

Decide what to be and go be it!! 

I just love this. It’s actually a lyric from the Avett Brothers song “head full of doubt”. A couple of months ago my best friend showed me this quote. It is the quote that got our favorite author Colleen Hoover to begin writing full time and just look at her now. She’s selling books all over the world. 

My point is reflect on your life. If you want to do something go do it! Don’t let fear or doubt hold you back. Don’t let other people’s opinions hold you back. We are not promised tomorrow. If your unhappy then go do what you want to do with your life. Take a chance on you💙

As for myself. I’m going to start a vlog. It’s something I have always wanted to do but I was scared to do it. Why? Because I didn’t think I was good enough. There is so many vlogs out there that’s amazing and I thought to myself what can little ole me do? I’m going to do it. If I let my insecurities get the best of me then they will continue to get the best of me. 

Going To Be Great, 

Ebony Monae💜


Be what you want to be.


Stay tuned for my vlog😋

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💜 Yourself

Good Morning. Happy Monday Loves.

Today is the day for you to start loving yourself. It’s vital that YOU love yourself. No one will love you more than you.

You may want to be more light skin. Have a bigger butt. Bigger lips. Want that thigh gap that everyone is so crazy about. Let me remind you are perfectly beautiful. I believe that if you change one thing about yourself that is very drastic your going to keep changing more things about yourself.

If it comes down to it and you don’t like what you look like.  Start off with something that you can change. Drop those extra pounds thats hanging around. Change up your sense of style. Sometimes we wear clothes that don’t flatter our body types. These little changes add up to BIG changes.

Loving Myself Always,

Ebony Monae


God made you a masterpiece. Start seeing yourself strong, healthy, accomplishing your dreams and living an abundant life. 


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Happy Friday 🖖🏾

Hey guys. It’s Friday lets enjoy the weekend. Let’s go out with friends. Don’t forget to smile and laugh and be happy. Take time to for yourself this weekend 💜. Do all the things you have been putting off!!! 

Until Monday my loves💜💜💜! 

Ebony Monae


Live it up this weekend💜

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Put Yourself Out There🖖🏾

It’s Thursday you know what that means it’s also thurstday. That means go out after your work day for a drink or two. Go meet someone new. Strike up a conversation. Have a good time. You might even meet someone special❤️

I get it. I really do. You don’t want to meet anyone because everyone seems like a shitty person. Or you might think you have enough friends. Or lastly you don’t like putting yourself out there. If that describes you, then let me tell you STOP THAT! Stop thinking those thoughts. Not every person is bad. Not every person will become your best friend. Put yourself out there. You may never know who you might inspire with your words. 

My friends always tell me I am a people person. I don’t see it that way. I see myself as antisocial person. But last night something clicked. I was waiting online to get gas and this woman was holding up the line because her card wasn’t working. So I just mad conversation about sandwiches at the gas station being overpriced. (Seriously they are overpriced $7.39 for a small nasty wrap). Before you know it the whole line was all talking to each other. What clicked was that it’s not the end of the world. I’m not going to divulge my deepest secrets to them. It’s about stepping out of my comfort zone to make that conversation. 

Go out and meet new people. Go out and make conversation. Don’t keep yourself inside your comfort zone. Go let other people know what an amazing person your are! Have fun!! 

Going Out, 

Ebony Monae 


Someone you haven’t even met yet is wondering what it’d be like to know someone like you!!