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Stopped being Alive and started LIVING!!

Hey fellow bloggers, it’s been a long time since I written. I been going through things. And when I go through things I turn to my writing but even that I didn’t want to do because my feelings and emotions were all over the place.

Since I last written I gained a beautiful niece👶🏾and nephew👶🏾. I have had surgery, ended my semester somewhat okay. I got a different position at my job. Life should be going good right? Wrong it’s not. I should not be complaining because through it all I’m still breathing, I have food in my belly and clothes on my back I should be blessed. But deep down inside I am lost.

I am at a cross road in my life and I feel lost and lonely and scared. I am lost because I don’t know what direction to take with my life. Scared because I don’t want to make the wrong choice and end up looking stupid in life. Lonely because when I see my friends and family settling down and starting a family I have no one to do any of that with.

I recently read a book that put what I was feeling into perspective. “Stop being alive and start LIVING” That is what I am doing with my life. I thought life has times when I have to do certain things and they don’t. Its okay to not have those things others have in there lives because everyone is different and god has a different plan for everyone.

Life is all about living and that is what I plan on doing. Stop being afraid to be lonely because someone is out there for me and stop being lost and take one day at time because life has a funny way of showing you things that matter most.

💜💜 Ebony Monae💜💜
To anyone that is feeling this just remember life is supposed to be LIVED. So START LIVING💝💝