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My Deepest Post to Date💜 

In a fleeting moment a friend told me she was dealing with depression. She didn’t tell me more about it just that she’s been dealing with it. For the last couple of days I didn’t know what to write about. In order for me to write a post I have to feel it. It’s hard to explain but if I don’t feel it I can’t write it. 

So today in honor of her I would write a message to you in hopes to help you because when I was depressed I wanted someone to help me. 

A two years ago I was dealing with depression. At the time I didn’t know what it was. All I knew is that I just wanted to be left alone. Just stopped living my life. Work and school? I just stopped going. Taking a shower was to much energy. All I wanted was to stay in my bedroom. I was at rock bottom in my life. I just found out my boyfriend was cheating on me, I didn’t have the money for school, I just gave up on life and on top of that I was dealing with family drama. 

As I type this post I don’t know how I overcame it. I do know it was hard work. I prayed and I had a great support system. 

To anyone that’s dealing with depression. I know where you are because I too have been there. Reach out to someone so they can help you. If you have a religion pray to your God. Let him know you need him to guide you. 

Don’t give up on life. Life is hard I can attest to that. But don’t ever give up hope because it will get better, again I can attest to that. To my friend I hope this post finds you in a better spirit. I am here if you need it. May God guide you like he did me. 


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Express Yourself💜

Happy Friday guys. I hope everyone is doing amazing today. Hopefully you are in some air conditioning because it is hot out there, especially where I live.

This post I want to write about expressing your feelings. I am one of those people that don’t like to express what I am feeling. I am  great at putting on a mask for everyone. I don’t say how I am truly feeling. I will smile and laugh but inside I’m hurting or upset.  I just let things just build and then I can not take it any more. I realized that its not good for me or the person that has hurt me. I am working on expressing my feelings. I have a right to voice my feeling to my friends and family.

If someone has hurt you let them know how your feeling. Don’t hold anything in. Express yourself(I deff had a picture of guy dancing as I was typing that and IDK why lol). By you not expressing yourself your not being true to yourself. It is okay to take of the mask.

Until Next Time!




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Do The Damn Thing!! 

Morning loves. 

This quote above is my all time favorite. I have written about it in my past posts. This quote it gives me renewed energy to do what I love to do. Sometimes I have so much going on that I forget to do what I want to do. It brings me back to my happy place if that makes any sense. 

To anyone that is struggling with direction in life. Make a choice about it and go do it. If you fail at least you tried and if you succeed you will be glad you started. Either way I’m happy for you. I’m proud of you because you took a big step in your life. 

May you continue it take leaps in your life. 


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Oh Yeah I’m Back🖖🏾

Hey guys. Ohh how I have missed you. That being said I am back.  Oh yea oh yea do a little dance 💃🏾(that’s me, but not as good as the dancing lady here). 

I have some interesting things in store for my readers. I also can’t wait to catch up on my fellow bloggers posts. 

I hope everyone is enjoying there Summer’s so far until tomorrow my friends⭕️❌⭕️❌ 

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Black Lives Matter✊🏾✊🏾

Everyone had something to say after his speech. People didn’t like it calling it hate speech on cops. Then last week two black men where killed by police officers and it was  gruesomely recorded for the world to see. 

I saw this speech live the moment I heard it, it gave me goosebumps because everything he said was true. 

No one knows what it’s like to be black in this country. Before  mothers was scared to let there black son’s walk out the house. Now mothers are scared to let there daughters and sons walk out the house. Never have I been scared to be black. Growing up I would hear stores from my grandmother who grew up in the south during Jim Crow. In 2016 my generation is going through the same thing her generation went through. 

It’s time that we take a stand. Even if we have to get arrested. It time we take a stand. Put you actions where your mouth is. We have to have a country that treats us with dignity and respect. 

We didn’t ask for this. We didn’t ask to be murdered so carelessly. I have seen people treat a gorilla with more dignity than a black person. No longer will I be silent. Together we can make a difference peacefully. Together we can make a change. 

Black and Proud✊🏾

Ebony Monae