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An Ending is just a beautiful Beginning💜

Who can believe that this year is almost over? I really can’t believe it. Life is just flying by. Let’s step into the new year wth positive thoughts and vibes.

I hope that we all end the year safe and healthy💜

Until next time,


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Self-Care 101

Hey loves, its been months since I last written. I hope my post uplifts and inspires you.

Where do I begin, for the last few months my life has been the same. In one word I can perfectly summarize my life; adulting (is having adult responsibilities)

I became so wrapped up in adulting that I forgot about myself. Forgot about my inner self. Forgot to feed my soul. Forgot about my journey to a happier, stronger me. Forgot about my blog. That saddened me the most as I use to look forward to this everyday.

So I took a trip down memory lane. I read my old posts. Read your comments. Read my fellow bloggers post. I needed to awaken my soul.


It did the trick. My whole aura has changed. I feel different, more alive than I felt in months.

My message to you today is find your way back to you. Find your way back to what balances you. Don’t get consumed by everyday life you forget about you.

#Self-Care is important. Don’t forget that.

Stay blessed,


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Live Life Unpologetically😘

Happy Wednesday Loves💜💜 

Good morning! Go forth today and trust your feelings. Take chances on finding what makes you happy. Learn from your past, but don’t dwell to long on it. Understand that life is constantly changing. The best thing you can do is live your life for you. 
To anyone that’s living there life in fear of what other’s may think my advice to you is STOP!! Your hurting inside while they living a life of happiness. This life is yours so live it to the fullest. Be who you are! If others judge then let them go! It may hurt but hiding who you are is doing more damage to you than them. 

To my friend that came out to me. Thank you for living your life for yourself. Thank you for trusting me with this. You have a long road ahead of you. Know that I am here for you and I will never judge you! Your not alone my friend💜💜💜💜

Living Life, 

Ebony Monae


Don’t forget to take chances in life. Don’t be afraid. Take that leap and jump! 

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Your Uniquely You

This week Affirmation is that your uniquely you. I posted this picture a month or so back. On Friday it applied to my life.

On Friday I posted a picture of myself dressed as a  some would say an hippie. This era to me reflects woman empowerment and how they really wanted change. Anyways that night I received ridicule and was made fun of for my outfit (personally I thought I looked cute). What I am trying to say I was living my life how I saw fit. I was BEING MYSELF. Those words could have changed my whole outlook. I could have let others thoughts define me. In the end I remember the ending of this quote “…live only as YOU can.”  I Understood that my  life was completely mines to do with it what I wanted to. I am living it how you see I fit.

One of the biggest things I want my readers to understand is that life is short. We are not promised tomorrow. With that being said be the person you want to be, live life on your own terms. Last Wednesday I wrote a post about taking a jump in your life. Now I want you to accept who you are. I want you to love the person who you are becoming. You are strong, brilliant, beautiful. I say this mantra to myself everyday. It reminds me where I came from. The girl with so much self hate and turmoil in her life. Everyday is a battle. So I remind myself that I am beautiful and I am enough.

Keep this in mind as you go about the rest of your week. Have fun. Love openly.  Dance, sing or read but do it because you love it. Do it because it makes you happy. You don’t have to dance perfectly or sing on key. Sing and dance because it brings your spirit joy.


Living Life As Only I Can,

Ebony Monae<3




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Some Wednesday Thoughts


Always be you. Always love who you are.  This quote just spoke to me. Lately I just had to remind myself to be ME. I got so caught up with looking at things on instagram and Pinterest, I was putting myself down that my hair wasn’t like that or I wish I had style like they do. That I forgot to look at myself and say no one is me.  I am my own person with a unique style and voice.

With that being said. This weeks Affirmation for me is that I am uniquely me. No one has my vision or voice. My  life is completely mines to do with it what I want to.

One of the biggest things I want my readers to understand is that life is short. We are not promised tomorrow. Be the person you want to be, live life on your own terms.

Keep this in mind as you go about the rest of your week. Have fun. Love openly.  Dance, sing or read but do it because you love it.

Living my life as only I can, 

Ebony Monae


Never conform to others standards of beauty. Love who you are. Listen to your own heart. Listen to your own voice.  

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Reflection of 2015💗

As 2015 ended and 2016 begins. I felt the need to reflect back on several things this past year that I have been through and overcame!

I was sick.  But I made it through. I was literally seeing a hematologist everyweek. Having 12 big vials of blood drawn out every week. One problem affected all the other health problems I had going on. Some days I wanted to give up. But I had to believe God had better plans for my life. When I felt like I couldn’t go on. I got the strength to go on. When I felt alone my best friend was by myside through it all. 

 I learned that life is precious and it’s time to leave my comfort zone.  Going through a lot of health problems has taught me this. Life is supposed to be lived. I refuse to live by the sidelines.

Family! I let that go. I embraced my non-tradional family. That’s means I was adopted by a family that loved me. I was adopted into a family at the age of five that for years I felt like I didn’t belong because I wouldn’t conform to there way of thinking. For years I was hurt because I felt unloved by them, I tried to make them love me. Let me work harder in school, let me let them use me to show them I will always be there. They didn’t understand me. I learned that the siblings you grow up with or parents who raise you doesn’t intentionally mean that they have to be your family. I learned that the people who were suppose to by my side during my darkest days were not. Through a lot of reflection I learned that it’s okay.  I can’t make people love me. I can’t make people be there for me. I can’t change who I am to be someone I a not so they can like me. I also learned that my non traditional family is my family. I am loved and I am accepted flaws and all. 

I am learning to love Ebony Monae.  I have let people make me feel worthless, ugly, unlovable. This year it stopped. My friend told me I had to look at myself objectively. What did I see when I looked at myself. I saw a fighter. When life got hard I kept on pushing. When people doubted me I showed them what I am made of. When people who I loved hurt me, I learned to let go. That for me is the hardest thing to do. When I look in the mirror I see beauty, not just my outward appearance but my inner beauty is shining through. I see a kind spirit. Someone who loves to laugh and make others do the same. 

I am not perfect. I learned that it’s okay to fail. To make mistakes. Life is all about growth. Make mistakes and learn from them. Fail but always get back up. 

In 2016 I want to do so many things and nothing will Stop Me!! 

In 2016 I promise to:

Live Life! 

Love 💜 Myself! 


Make Mistakes! 


Be Kind! 

Be Genergous! 

Love, Freely/Hard!!! 

Be Healthy!!


Xoxo Ebony Monae Xoxo


Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! May we all work on things this year that brings us happiness! 

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Never Settle 

Lord please never let me settle for anything in my life. Give me the strength and courage to follow my dreams and goals. You know my true potential  so I ask that you push me towards it. In 2016 I want to do so many things. Help transform so many lives. I know I can’t do that if I don’t leave my comfort zone. I’m making a pledge to myself to never settle with anything in my life. Always strive for more. If I don’t I will always be wondering.

To the person that is reading this never settle for anything in your life. “If you want more then get more”. Life is to short not to achieve your goals in life. Love yourself. Love your journey. Love life. Never give up. 

Xoxo EbonyMonae Xoxo


Always remember to push towards your true potential. 

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🍁New Month, Be Awesome 🍂

Hey guys it’s November! Sheesh it seems that time is just going so fast nowadays. Well I hope we all had a great month of October. November, November what do I hope to gain from you this month? Hmmm let’s see, I just want to be happy and be in good health. Last November I suffered from a lot of health problems. Even though my health problems are constantly on my mind I won’t bring them to the forefront. 

With that being said, I know my month is going to be awesome. I am still on Weight Watchers so hopefully I will continue to loose  some weight. I am in school working on my thesis (Lord give me strength) I am not going to let that get to me. So here’s to a awesome November may we be productive, happy, kind and always, always be ourselves 💖💖💖💖

Love Always

💕EbonyMonae 💕 


For us single ladies and gentleman lets go on some dates or meet new people. Love is in the air💋

Beautiful, Black Girl, Inner Strength

Happy Birthday to Me💜

I  turned twenty-six on Sunday October 25th. First and foremost I want to thank the Lord for blessing me with another year on this earth. With all my health problems this past year I didn’t know if I would make it this far.

Twenty-six years ago my biological mother gave birth to me on Wednesday October 25th at 7:28am. Six years later I was placed in a foster home and adopted a year later. As I do every year I wonder if you think of me on this day. The little girl your gave life too. I wonder do you think about the person I have become? Do you think about my smile if I have yours or my fathers? Do you pray for my safe keeping? Do you think about the silly things I do?

Since I don’t know where to look for you. I want you to know a few things about me. My favorite color is purple. My greatest fear is to be alone and to be a disappointment to someone.  My greatest accomplishment in this world will never be menial things but making a difference in this world with my words or actions. I want you to know that I’m doing fine. Some days are hard, but I know I am blessed because I have great friends and family. My best friend is my rock when my world turns dark. She see’s me at my worst but always loves me just the same. I want you to know that I’m on the road to greatness. I am going to do something with my life. I will make a difference.  To know That I’m following my dreams. People have doubted that I would even make it. But I am. I want you to know that I think of you. That I wonder if I look like you. I see my niece, your grandchild and I wonder if she would ever get to meet you or to the know you.

These words of mines most likely will never reach your eyes, but these words come from my heart. My final words to you are I Forgive You. 

Forever your little girl, 



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Thank You So Much

I just want to take the time out too thank those that read my posts and like them or comment on them. It means so much to me you have no idea. Going through the things I have been through or going to go through sometimes makes me feel alone, I feel at times know one understands what I am going through. Its like my feelings are not justified. When I feel this way I turn to writing. It is hard for me to express my feelings verbally but when my hands hit the keyboard they just type exactly what I want to say. My fingers tips have mind of their own. To know that people are feeling the same way I am and going through what I am going through, to know that I am not alone gives a young woman like me so much hope in life and it gives me a voice. From the bottom of my heart I truly thank you so much.

xOxO EbonyMonae xOxO